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All mini league players, As the mini leagues are an integral part of our club we are keen that as many people compete as possible. Consequently a couple of changes are being implemented starting with the March league. 1. The scoring is to revert to the "English" method - ie first to 9 points and only scoring on your serve. Please remember to input your scores on this basis. 2. As an inducement to play your mini leagues a prize of a 315 booking credit will be paid each month to the person scoring the most points in any of the leagues. So get playing and see if you can win !! The nights are getting lighter, you need to get fitter so get that court booked and get some squash played!! Best wishes, Chair of Squash Committee. PS - don't forget to register for the club open competition. The aim is to host a very inclusive competition, so please enter and come down to the club to play and to meet other members.

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