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Following feedback from the recent members survey I thought we should provide some information as to what we are doing with our various online tools.

We have three main online tools which we use for different purposes.


This is used by all members for court bookings, competitions, mini-leagues and lights payments. In 2016 we introduced an online payment option that has been very well received by members. If you have not used the new payment system please give it a go! We will be further developing MyCourts during 2017 and we hope to introduce online membership payments but this is still in development with MyCourts.

Web site

As one kind member commented in the survey ‘we have a website from the 1980s’ perhaps a little harsh but it’s fair to say the site is dated and we do suffer from keeping it live with relevant information. Moving forward we have decided to update the website but to use it primarily as an external marketing tool for the club; in effect to provide information and contacts for new members; a shop-window of our club for the public. From the analytics which we have on our site we can see that most of the traffic is from visitors looking for membership and coaching information. Virtually no one looks at the pages we have for news, competitions, sponsors etc.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas as to what they want included on the new website please respond to this mail and I’ll come back to you.

Social Media/Facebook

We have put more effort into Facebook over the last year or so and this is a much better place for regular informal club information, wins, losses, team events, news, videos etc… We totally except that not all members use Facebook but even if you’re not a Facebook user you can access the club’s pages via a smartphone, tablet device, laptop or desktop in the same way as you would a website.

Our Facebook site currently provides:

  • Information about the club
  • Images related to events and competitions
  • Videos of Premier matches
  • Videos from other related sites, coaching PSA etc
  • Special offers – for new members
  • News
  • Events

Our Facebook site is here:

Please ‘like’ the site if you are a Facebook user and this will ensure that new information is visible to you.

If you have any queries please reply to this email.

Many thanks



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