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Racket Ball and Internal DSummer League

All, Racket Ball - The initial taster session takes place this coming Wednesday - 2nd September from 5.20 to 7.20. All club members are welcome to come along and its free!!. There is a local league being set up so hopefully we can get this great sport to take off at our club. Why not come along and give it a try? Summer League - The final round of group matches are taking place this week with the places in the semi finals still up for grabs. Realistically, 5 teams are fighting for 3 places with Top of The Poppies already guaranteed top spot. Wednesday sees The Magicians play Top of the Poppies and The Hillbillies play One Dyrection. Unfortunately there is a gap until the final group matches on the 29th August when Dan's Army play The Wakest Link and Fawlty Toas face off against The Families Fortunes. Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September are the dates for the semi finals, but keep an eye out to see if your team has made it. A few things to note for the semi finals: •Placings in the league table for any teams that are ties on points will be decided by: 1. The number of matches won, if this is still a tie, by 2. The first result between the two teams in the league (in case they played twice), if this is still a draw, by 3. A coin toss. •The team that finishes top of the league (Top of the Poppies) will play the team that finishes 4th on 31st August. The teams that finish 2nd and 3rd respectively will play on 2nd Sept. The two winning teams then play the final on Fri 4th Sept. •Each team needs all 6 players for the semi finals and finals. If you do not have 6 players available in your team then you need to find other players from another team that are not involved in that match to play for you, but as they are classed as a substitute, they will play off one handicap level higher than they would normally. Eg, if they are a C, they would play off a B for this match. In the case of the sub being an X- player, they start on an additional -4 points. Important: A player is classed as in your team if they have played 2 or more matches for your team throughout the league or they were registered in your original 6. We are going to be strict on this one!!! If in doubt, check! •In the event of a tie after the 6 games have been played, then the winner will be decided by matches won. If this is 3-3, then one final game shall be played by the number one players in each team off the handicap to decide the winner! Good luck to all teams. And one last thing!! We sent out the invite for the Dave Bolsher Memorial this morning. Please note that the entry fee will be £5 with all proceeds going to the charity. Your squash committee.

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